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Winthrop Law Offices, P.A. has developed and implemented this 21-point focused checklist system, called the Gold Standard Litigation System™, which ensures that each one of our cases is diligently and methodically handled by our team. Our proprietary system has been developed specifically to make our firm stand out and bring us to the forefront as market “innovators.”

Even though each case presents its own unique attributes and entails different factual and legal scenarios, every single case advances through our tried-and-true litigation system, adhering to our 21-point checklist anchors. It has been precisely designed to ensure that our team follows specific checkpoints at fixed positions throughout the litigation process.

Every client can be assured that their case, along with each case we handle and every client we represent, experiences the same level of dedication and thoroughness, ensuring our commitment to excellence.

Unlike most firms in our field of law, which are mostly comprised of sole practitioners or individual associates who are usually overwhelmed with significant amounts of legal work coupled with the demands of a large case load, our firm has instituted a two-tier attorney team approach wherein two highly experienced attorneys are assigned to and dedicated to representing each client, allowing us to be more efficient and dynamic compared to our adversaries. Other practitioners can also tend to be myopic and cannot see the various issues that might arise in a case through the particular lens and focus of our distinct approach. This approach coupled with our ability to strategize and systematically move a case forward saves our client’s money and makes us extremely efficient.

We are committed to excellence in serving our clients at each stage of their litigation. We embrace this system and pride ourselves as visionaries in our field.