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At Winthrop Law Offices our mission is to help you regain some semblance of certainty when your Plan A moves into Plan B.

Our Florida family law attorneys create strategies to protect your future and stabilize your life. We identify as not only lawyers but efficient businessmen and women with a mind for planning and implementation. Our team has developed proprietary processes and systems that allow us to work faster, which means peace of mind is closer than you think.

About Our Firm

What our clients
are saying…

Trustworthy, professional, and upfront about everything. Highly recommend!

- Milly C.

Working with Dorian made what is an incredibly painful experience (divorce), much less painful. He was extremely professional, well versed in the law, insightful and thorough.

- Anonymous

Mr. Winthrop assisted me with obtaining back child support. He is a great listener, took the time to answer any questions I had, and was always on top of things.

- Anonymous


Solutions to the Problems That Keep You Awake at Night.

By solving the problems weighing on your mind, you can get back to what really matters, and that’s the real value of working with Winthrop Law Offices.


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Be Real.

You can always count on our sincerity and honesty – even if the message is tough. Nothing is more important than ensuring you understand your legal options.

Own It.

As your advocates, we take ownership of your story so we can write a happy ending. We are always your teammates and partners.

Work with a Purpose.

Our bottom line is to make changes that positively influence your life and attain your goals. We never lose sight of ensuring you are protected now and in the future.

Value Time.

We solve problems faster with streamlined processes, so you can spend less time worrying and move forward with your life sooner rather than later.

Teach & Grow.

We challenge standard solutions with open minds, focus, and speed. Part of our role is to ensure you understand your options, and we’re happy to be your teachers.

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Why Choose Us?

The Winthrop Way

Two Attorneys Monitor Every Case.

You get double the experience, twice the speed.

Award-Winning And Published Authors.

We’re respected members of the Florida legal community.

Unique Processes For Faster Results.

Our proprietary systems and processes make us agile. We complete work quickly, thanks to our proven procedures and techniques.

An Available And Accessible Legal Team.

You can expect us to reply to your needs within 12 hours, if not sooner.

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About Our Gold Standard Litigation System™

We innovated the visionary Gold Standard Litigation System™ to deliver organized and individualized attention to every case that crosses our desks. The system follows a 21-point checklist to ensure the many facets of your life from finances to personal interests are accounted for throughout the litigation process—ultimately saving you time and money.


Understand our Process with this Helpful Tool

It’s our goal that you always know what to expect during the legal process. We’ve outlined it all in our downloadable e-book.

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We Hold Ourselves to a Gold Standard

Protecting Your Now and Your Future

We are committed to excellence in serving our clients at each stage of their litigation. Every client can be assured that their case, along with each case we handle and every client we represent, experiences the same level of dedication and thoroughness, ensuring our commitment to excellence.

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